Dairy Herd Health

Herd Health Plans

We create individual herd health plans in order to meet the needs of your herd, as well as being up to the Red Tractor standards.

We provide regular antibiotics reviews and advice tailored towards lowering your medicines usage and costs through proactive preventative herd health.

We also have vets trained to deliver the National Johne's Control Plan and provide an annual review, can advise on testing regimes and provide quarterly Johne's reports in relation to regular testing. We are also involved in the BVDFree scheme, and have plenty of experience with various disease accreditation schemes, and providing regular monitoring and reporting on other infectious diseases.



We can offer a full mastitis investigation and create an appropriate control plan tailored to the issues on your farm.


This can include cell count and mastitis data analysis, pathogen analysis, farm walk, parlour observations, teat end and hygiene scoring, and advising you on the best approach to testing and treating clinical cases.


We are also happy to advise on dry off protocols, treatments and providing any required training.

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Regular foot trimming and mobility scoring can improve mobility and help to prevent lameness in your herd. We offer either monthly or quarterly mobility scoring, alongside analysis and create prioritised foot trimming lists. We work closely with local foot trimmers.

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Getting the nutrition of your herd right is a cornerstone of dairy herd management. We are happy to provide advice on ration formulation and analysis for milkers, dry cows and youngstock.


We can also provide services such as body condition scoring, metabolic profiling and ketosis testing in order to ensure your cows are performing to their full potential

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Youngstock Management

We pride ourselves on being proactive when it comes to youngstock management as we realise the importance of getting the calves first few months right.


We can provide a variety of services dependant on your individual farm needs and what level of veterinary input you would like.


This can include: disbudding, castration, scoring, pneumonia and scour diagnostics, colostrum management and growth rates. We have been using the very successful CalfTracker on multiple dairy farms, and farmers have seen a multitude of benefits from being proactive with their youngstock. If you are interested in getting involved with our CalfTracker group, please contact the practice.


TB Testing and Advice

We provide a flexible and efficient TB testing service and have a dedicated full time TB tester Razvan.

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