Flock Fertility



Ram MOT 

It is important to ensure that your rams are fully functional prior to tupping to ensure maximum lambing returns. We can provide a full ram MOT visit including full health check and reproductive assessment of any existing breeding rams or newly purchased rams.



Optimising your Ewes 

Pre breeding it is important to ensure that your ewes are in optimum condition. This can include body condition scoring; identifying ewes with broken mouths, udder issues, or with a history of foot problems and ensuring they are not bred; trace element/mineral assessment; and checking faecal egg counts.


Pre lambing is also a very important time for the ewes, as getting something wrong in the heavily pregnant ewe can have disastrous consequences. It is good practice to scan your ewes so can feed them an appropriately balanced diet. We are happy to offer assistance with forage analysis and advice on concentrate feeding, as well as blood sampling to check nutritional and mineral status.

Controlled Breeding Programmes

Ewe and lambs 2020.jpg

Having a controlled breeding programme aims to tighten the lambing period and encourage the ewes to come into season earlier. We have a lot of experience in selecting appropriate rams for teasers and performing vasectomies. We are also happy to advise and plan with you the use of synchronisation programmes.