Beef Cattle

We offer a range of services that can be tailored to your beef farm regardless of whether you run a suckler herd or rearing and finishing units; including vast experience with organic herds. Our aim is to ensure optimal herd health and fertility in order to maximise the health, welfare and productivity of your herd.

Bull Fertility Testing

It is important to ensure your bull is fully functioning and fit prior to the start of your service period to keep your calving block tight and prevent any unanticipated financial costs further down the line.

We can provide a full MOT health check – including semen examination and any other necessary tests for both existing and new bulls onto the farm. As well as pre purchase examinations for any potential new stock

Cow Fertility Visits and Breeding Advice

Routine fertility work in the suckler herd is often undervalued but can actually be invaluable. We are happy to provide assistance at a variety of levels including: after calving checks to check the cow is clean and cycling, treatment of problem cows and pregnancy diagnosis.

We are also able to advice of a wide variety of synchronisation and breeding programmes, as well as heifer pelvis measurements.