Flock Health

Flock Health Plans

Having a structured flock health plan can be vastly beneficial in aiding the smooth running of our flock and helping to ensure that no tasks are forgotten. We are happy to sit down with you and create a bespoke flock health plan that meets all the requirements of your business and your animals.


Annual antibiotic reviews are not only a red tractor requirement but also a useful bench marking tool and discussion point. We also have plenty of experience with accreditation schemes and are happy to assist you in helping gain accreditation status.

Parasite Monitoring

With wormer resistance ever increase, we appreciate the need for a convenient and rapid faecal egg count results. Our in-house lab service can provide a worm egg and coccidiosis count result quickly after submission and provide guidance on the best course of action for your flock.


We recommend using faecal egg counts to regularly monitor burdens, check wormer efficiency, for clinical diagnosis or to differentiate a coccidiosis issue. In turn this allows you to make financial and time savings by only worming when necessary and reduce the risk of build of worm resistance.